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Current Batches Status
Vijayanagar - Regular Batch
02-Oct-13 (Wednesday)
6AM to 8AM morning
Jayanagar - Regular Batch
02-Oct-2013 (Wednesday)
3PM to 5PM
Vijayanagar - Weekend Batch
02-Oct-2013 (Wednesday)
10AM to 2PM
Upcoming Batches Details
Regular Batch (Daily classes)
45 Days

Starts from 05-Oct-2013 (Saturday)
2PM to 3:30PM

Weekend Batch
3 Months

Starts from 05-Oct-2013 (Saturday)
2PM to 3:30PM
Regular Batch (Daily classes)
45 Days

Starts from 05-Oct-2013 (Saturday)
5PM to 6:30PM
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JMaster is a Dedicated Training Institute for JAVA / J2EE and Web Development Frameworks.
It's the place where students realized how important the learning skill is for every engineer.
It's the place where students discovered hidden talents among themselves.
It's the place where every student advanced many steps ahead from their competitors.
What is JMaster ?
JMaster, powered by AKLC [Ashok Kumar Learning Center], is a career oriented, master training program on Java and Web Technologies by Mr. Ashok Kumar K. JMaster comes as a students' companion to help understand the world of Java which made a revolutionary turn in IT industry. JMaster is currently been offered in two type of batches. The weekend classes for corporate employees and a daily regular classes for students.
Can I join JMaster ?
Any student who is having strong desire and dedication to learn Java technologies and settle as a Java professional in software industry can join JMaster. There is no prerequisite that a student should be from computer science background. A student can be from B.E, B.C.A, M.C.A, M.E, B.Sc, M.Sc, M.B.A, B.A, M.A, students and Working Professionals in different fields
Life in JMaster
You will go through a revolutionary phase in your life where you will be transforming from a student into a professional. These 45 days of course will change your life from being nothing to being a MASTER
Life after JMaster
You will be seeing yourself as a master in Java Application Development and you can chose to work in any company you dream of. Students having successful course completion certificate from JMaster will be equivalent in challenging a 3+ years experienced Java Developer
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